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Originally Posted by jayrivers View Post
We have an early version of PT: 6.9.1. Dell Workstation 670, Accel HD cards Core plus 2 more. 192 IO, Command 8, mixer desk preamp. OK it's an old system but it works fine and we're comfortable with it.
We recently moved house and the whole set up was reinstated exactly as before. I reset the command8 as there's always a problem when it is disconnected from the USB port, reinstalled the drivers and it's online OK. Everything is looking good, all visible in the PT screen and session file, but NO SOUND. Not from the speakers or headphones. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.
Where are your speakers and headphones connected? Not to the Command 8? If so then there must be a signal flow from the 192 outs to the command 8 ins for it to work. Tell us how it's routed.

By the way, this should realy be a separate topic, as it has very little to do with previous posts. Also, this is the category for PT First discussions. Here perhaps: Pro Tools TDM Systems (Win). Maybe a moderator could move it for us.

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