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Default Re: Markers (memory locations)

Originally Posted by priorytools View Post
Allo Nathan.

Firstly. . LE doesn't display time code unless you buy the video tool kit .
So? Does Spot only work with timecode?

Originally Posted by priorytools View Post
Secondly . To "spot" audio in PT. . Use wav files. . Import the audio & select "spot" as opposed to "slip" or "grid". . This will snap your files to the position at which they were recorded. . Read the manual. .
Sorry but you're off-topic. The man clearly states he needs to spot regions for ADR or FOLEY, which means that the project he will be importing into has a different timecode than the project he recdorded it into. He may even record using a portable device. And he said he read the manual.

Originally Posted by priorytools View Post
Third; printing a list of your marker points . . Easiest way is to do a screen grab of the memory locations window ( cmd 5 ) . I think you can configure that window to display various info. . Again, read the manual-chapter 34.
Your solution is quite complicated. For instance, I recieve print outs with the memory locators from AVID Media Composer, for, say, where the video editor wants me to put certain sounds. Why? Because I can't import them as markers.

And in Pro Tools, where I add a different marker for each sequence of a TV series (which needs a different ambience background). I'd like to print out those memory locations so I can have them on a sheet, which I can use to keep track of what sequences I already edited.

Is there a way to do that? Export memory locators as text (like in Avid Media Composer) would be useful.
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