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Default Re: "The Project owner has deleted the shared project" - offline Projects lost

Originally Posted by Barryd View Post
Just a thought and this might have been covered but is there any way I Can locate the folder where the offline projects are stored and back them up somewhere else say to the desktop so if they all vanish I can just put them back? I have a feeling this might have been covered and its not that straight forward.
Project data is stored in your Documents > Pro Tools > Project Cache but Pro Tools First won't recognize it if moved/restored manually. If you have unique audio you might want to export it (mixed or individual tracks with/without effects) as a backup.
Originally Posted by Barryd View Post
...I have to say though in the past few weeks I have not had this issue but probably because my internet connection has been ok.
If your internet connection is solid then it never has to re-connect so you won't experience the problem. If your internet is not reliable you should disable it, launch PT and work on your Project, quit PT, then enable internet. Again, this is only if you are using local-only Projects (cloud Projects are not affected).
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