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Default Re: iLok Client Install Problems

Hey, Benjamin, quick question, did you ever figure out how to get around the "Error creating file 1008:5,-5000 access denied error"? I installed Pro Tools 6.9.2 with no problem, but now am getting that message when I try to install the factory bundle software. I have done everything that Digi tech support recommends, starting with repairing the disk permissions, and some stuff from the user conference, mainly:

Get Info on the following folders and make sure that, in the Ownership and Permissions section, the Owner is System, the Group is Admin and Access is set to Read and Write for both.

MacHD>Library>Application Support
MacHD>Library>Application Support>Digidesign
MacHD>Library>Application Support>Digidesign>Plug-Ins

But nothing has changed. I still cannot load the factory bundle software, and I still get the -5000 error message.

Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated,


G5 dual 2 gHz -- 2 gigs ram -- OS 10.4.6
G5 -- dual 2 gHz -- 2 gigs ram -- OS 10.4.6
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