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I have an M-Audio Delta 1010LT sound card on my MDD 1.25 GHz Dual running Mac OS 10.4.6 with 1.5 GB RAM. I've been trying to route output to analog outputs 1-8 of my card, but it appears that I can access only outputs 1 and 2. I tried using M-Audio's v 2.0.5 driver for the Delta cards, supposedly the most current version, which doesn't seem to work. I downgraded to v 2.0.3 of the driver, which worked for a short time, but after a while outputs 3-8 disappeared again. After numerous consultations with M-Audio Tech Support, I've concluded that either the card or PTM-P just doesn't cooperate with 10.4.6. Luckily, I have another partition with 10.4.3 on it, and everything seems to work there.

There is an annoying problem with the 1010LT, though: with it installed, the CPU will not sleep under any circumstances. This is apparently a long-standing problem with this card.
Mac Pro 8-core 2.4 GHz, 10 GB RAM, Mac OS 10.7.1, PTMP 8.0.5, M-Audio Firewire 410 (driver version 1.10.3)
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