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Default Re: Alctron MP73EQv2 vs Warm Audio WA73

We have tested all those clones and if you need a mono pre that actually sounds superior and handbuilt buy the GA-EQPre73 Premier and it is under 500 dollars and blows them others away.

We have 4 of them but only two in this picture. Sounds amazing for real. The guy who is golden age is a 66yo really great tech and builds everything by hand and the premier line is a very exclusive line and can not be compared to the project line (older red units)..

If you need a stereo unit I would get the Alctron before warm audio. IMHO of course. WA are well priced but mass produced in a huge factory with lots of other makes and models and the qualitybis questionable at best.

We bought 4 WA-76 for fun to try and it took 3 swaps to get 4 100% working units and units that were not 3-5 dB difference in output signal.
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