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Default Serious issue with HW inserts and LLM enabled

Hi everyone,

Last week I filed a support case regarding HW inserts and LLM (Low Latency Monitoring).

As usual, it takes some time before Avid support recognises anything as a bug, so I thought I'd seek some confirmation and/or help here in the mean time. Any thoughts are highly appreciated.

My current setup is:
  • HD Native PCIe system on Mac Pro (Mid 2010)
  • one HD OMNI
  • one HD I/O 8x8x8
  • Protools HD 12.7.0 on MacOS Sierra.
The Macís optical output is connected to the optical input of the HD OMNI and is transmitting 2ch, 96kHz, 24 bit digital audio.
On the 2 channels coming from my Mac, I have separate, mono HW inserts (channels 7 and 8 on the HD I/O). This all works perfectly when LLM is not enabled.

However, when LLM is enabled, I am experiencing very odd (and frankly, annoying) behaviour:
  • With any of the L/R channel HW inserts enabled, PT starts sending audio L and R at random. Or it doubles up the L mono channel to both L/R on the speakers. In LLM mode, where PT decides to send the audio to, seems to depend on a random pan pot position on some random other track. In other words, some other track's pan seems to control the post-fader pan of the track which has the active HW insert.
  • The pan pot on the LLM track seems inoperable when a HW insert is activated.
  • Even the fader on the LLM track seems inoperable when a HW insert is activated.

Am I missing something obvious here or is this a serious (maybe well-known) bug? Can anyone reproduce?
I would also be interested to learn whether this behaviour also exists in later versions of PT HD/Ultimate.

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