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Default Re: Filing with Scorch

My advice, get forScore and write of your investment and forget scorch!

If you search the forum, you will see many threads on filing dating back to 2011, not to mention frequent feature requests but we havent had any updates for well over two years and sorting is a pain if you have more than 20 scores. (I have about 500).

with no signs of an update and nothing useful added in the last release, just fixing the bugs that had been introduced 2 years before making Scorch ios totally unreliable and unusable. (Also note that scorch is no longer supported as a web app as avid appear only interested in publishing houses now for additional revenue streams, see the sibelius forum for threads on that).

Since late 2011 I convert my sib files to pdf and store everything in forScore and use the extensive metadata for themes, composers, music types, key, libraries and set lists not to mention a whole lot of other useful tags. Extra step in the workflow but i cant see scorch ever catching it now.

There is a plug in for sibelius which will convert all your scores to musicxml and the other alternative if you need your scores to play back is converting them all and purchasing a musicxml viewer of which there are a growing number with free downloads to try out.

i Use scorch very very rarely now just for occasional practicing or transposing on the fly to find a comfortable key but even in forScore, you can associate a score with an mp3 file and make quick notations.

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