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Default Re: PT10/Focusrite Scarlett/Win7 will not work at all

I had basically the same problem getting a Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 to work with PT10. When I started PT I would get the ASIO properties have changed error message. Restarting Pro Tools resulted in the same ASIO properties have changed message.

I messed around with it and the only thing I know I did was hold the n key down the first time I started PT and change the buffer latency from short to medium in the Saffire Mix Control (this may only be on firewire devices) but after that I was able to finally get PT10 to accept the Saffire Pro 40.

Craig Anderton, in a review of the Roland Octo Capture USB device found that the only way he could get Pro Tools to work with the Octo Capture was to set the buffer size in 64 bit increments, e.g. 128, 256, etc. If he set the buffer at 96 he would get the ASIO device properties message and it would not work. Look at the Mix Control for your device and see if any of this also pertains to your device and try them.
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