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Default PT10/Focusrite Scarlett/Win7 will not work at all


I have tried everything I could think of and researched as much as I could on how to troubleshoot PT10 installation problems. No avail. I have PT10 EDU and I simply cannot get it to install successfully on my computer. I have a Focusrite 2i2 (which is supposed to be compatible according to Avid) and Pro Tools recognizes it in the hardware section, but I cannot record or get any playback. I am going to try to be as concise and organized as I can and I have included screenshots of my problems:

The first day I couldn't even get PT to open up. It would make my computer shut off and I would try again... I reinstalled PT but didnt install the VSTi's at all... This seemed to work. I can atleast open PT now.

Next, I would get DAE playback errors and the like. Those are pretty common if research tells me anything. I trashed preferences and ran as administrator. I also changed the sample rates. I changed it to 48 kHz and I was able to get playback. I set that file as a template, hoping it would save whatever made it work, but the next time i opened up PT I got this message...

I then closed out, rebooted, and tried again. Still the same thing.

I also get this message every time i open up PT now. It doesnt matter if I change the settings or anything.

I have no idea. PT recognizes my hardware (I think) because I can find it in my hardware tab, but it still seems super glitchy.

Does someone know where my problem could be? I cant get rid of my PT because it is the EDU version. Would an Avid interface help, or is the problem from something else?

Thank yall so much for reading all of this.

My interface runs flawlessly on reaper and cubase, and I have installed the most recent drivers successfully for it. If yall need any more info just let me know.

EDIT: I forgot to mention: I am currently using a home build pc with an AMD FX quad core processor. I have also tried installing PT10 on my other AMD dual core desktop and my i5 Quad core laptop. Each computer has had the same problems. I cannot use PT at all for more than a few minutes, and this has happened on 3 computers.

I tried booting up pro tools again, and now I cant even get past the slash screen. "Pro Tools has stopped working"...


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