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Default Re: How to merge several separate PT sessions into one ?

Chris !
Exactly, that's my point. In my case it is for a live production show with video. The live musicians will be performing to a click track ( sweetener). I wanted to have the particular groups of instruments on separate outputs of 002R, all tempo maps, markers etc. from all "component sessions" preserved as a continuation. Another words: merging previous session as a whole into a new one with a starting point. I did also notice that after importing data from the session 2 in a chain, all tempo maps, markers etc. dissapeared from session one. Bar 97 ( beginning of a song 2) became bar 1. Previous song ( session) had negative bar numbers (!!!). All tempo data were gone etc. Total mess !!
Since then I walked around the issue, and created a big session manually importing just audio stems to particular tracks and creating a tempo map manually for each song in a chain. ( it took all day, sorry to say, but it had to be done).
I'm really frustrated that it is not possible to merge "component" sessions into one preserving ALL data in a chain.
For film scoring for example this may be crucial to be able to put together session after session data into a big one, especially if you worked on scoring cues as separate sessions...
Am I missing something here ?
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