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Default Older PT Sessions not loading in 8?

Hello all!

I've been running PT MP 8 since it came out and everything has been perfect. However, tonight, I loaded in a couple sessions that were recorded in PT LE 6 and mixed PT MP 7 and am having problems.

None of the tracks have inputs assigned to them, yet one stereo track is pegged with a loud buzzing noise that sounds like a feedback loop. Also, the vocals are not playing in the vocal tracks, even though they're in the vocal tracks of the arrange window. One of the sessions, the vocals are playing in ALL tracks. The other session, if certain tracks are soloed, you can hear quiet distorted vocals. The drum and bass tracks can be heard if soloing, but no action on the Master meter and no output unless tracks are soloed. The I/O is set to default (my normal setting). I deleted and created a new Master fader but had the same results. I "saved a copy" and that didn't do anything either. I ran the Mac Utilities Disk and Permissions repair, rebooted everything and that didn't change the situation either.

I've loaded old PT sessions before with no problems. Any ideas as to what's going on this time? Thanks!

jt burke
jt burke
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