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Default Re: Using multiple versions of ProTools??

Originally Posted by Darryl Ramm View Post
After market repair places can replace motherboards, if needed, likely from a donor machine. Or at that point just buy a used machine and move the other components over.

One of my favorite MacBook Pro was a 17" model. I loved that computer. Opened up and memory maxed out by me. It had the motherboard/GPU replaced under a recall program. Both CPU cooling fans replaced on separate occasions by me (don't use your computer in dirty wood working shops). The HDD replaced with a SDD by me. The screen replaced by me (just totally died one day). The SSD upgraded again by me.

Differentiate all this from my current MBP which I'd not want to open myself... and which now has a cursor key failing on the crappy butterfly keyboard and needs to get repaired.

At some point the increased power of new Macs will be so appealing or some new Pro Tools feature that needs some new macOS will be so appealing that you will migrate to a new Mac. And I expect that will happen before it becomes impossible to repair your current Mac Book Pro, just because they are so repairable. But I would hope you get several more years use out of it.
Good points. Thanks
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