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Default Use MTRX Monitor control while still using C24 control surface?

No idea if this is the best section to post this in, as I can't find a section dedicated to the MTRX.

Anyway, I've been hunting for a 5.1 monitor controller solution for my room that's better than the built-in monitor section of the C24. Lots of options, but the MTRX with its upgradeability and future capability seems like a great answer.

Here's my question: I know that Eucon and C24 don't work together at all, and the monitor section of MTRX is controlled via Eucon. That said, is it possible to still use my C24 as my controller for mixing in Pro Tools while at the same time using the iPad control app for the MTRX monitor section to control speaker selection/level/input selection/fold-down/etc?

Other question: $5000 is a steep price for the MTRX! Any suggestions on a good vendor to get a used one for a better deal?
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