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Default Brainworx bx_Oberhausen

Brainworx has released their first in-house developed synth plugin Oberhausen. As might be surmised by the name it's an emulation of an Oberheim SEM. There's a whole lot of Brainworx add-ons to the synth like their TMT, some of their own fx, etc. It's interesting to say the least. Can do some things the original h/w or the Arturia emulation can't.

Now for what sucks. MIDI learn doesn't remember assignments from one patch to another. Say you MIDI learn the overall output level control to cc7 and you change the patch - that assignment is forgotten.

What sucks #2: after about 8 or 9 patch changes PT11.3.2 locks up solid and you need to force quit.

Right now it's demo only with no price shown on the Plugin Alliance website.
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