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Default Re: Plugin Updates - Please Post Here!

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
What we need is an app that automatically keeps track of all the plugins and software we have and automatically notifies us when updates and upgrades are available. I'm at the point where its just hard to keep up. Seems like every time I go to use something there's an update available. When you have 50-100+ (or more) programs, apps, plugins etc, a nice 3rd party program that keeps track of it all would be really nice. If anyone knows of such an animal, please let us know!
The closest thing I've found is plugin managers, that's one of the reasons that can make me spend money again on a company (and the reason I'm not using as many freebies lately), especially when two different companies have similar tools. Izotope, Plugin Alliance, Native Instruments have good ones, Waves works fine but can't uninstall separate plugins. I wish all the plugins I need would be from just one company... With a good plugin manager
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