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Default Re: Official Mojave support in 2019?

Hi Jason

The problem was not really that I think you were whining per-se (and it does not matter what I think anyhow).. or that I think there is not stuff to complain about.... but I wanted to get you to focus on trying to solve your problem. Especially when I think I knew what the cause was... and you did, and that got you going. But again, you have new problems and just saying you have them will not help you. Look around, work through standard troubleshooting, and esp. try disabling hyperthreading and testing with no third party plugins (quit unexpectedly gets me to suspect plugins) installed etc. and if still stuck start a new thread, identify your exact problems, exact error messages and troubleshooting steps you have tried. Itís your call but there is a bunch of fairly standard stuff to work through, I would not assume a problem is Mojave related until you try all that and then ask for help here and give other folks a chance to help you.

Originally Posted by jasonkalman View Post
Darryl, Apologize if you thought I was whining. That was not my intent, but in retrospect I can see where you would think that. Pro Tools is working in Mojave. But I am still having to save almost after every edit because when I freeze tracks, PTs will sometimes quit unexpectedly, which is frustrating. I also get error messages that state I am maxing out my system and to increase buffer size, etc. That is extremely frustrating since I am running on an HDX, Omni, I/O combo with a brand new iMAC Pro, 10 Core, 64 gig ram with 512 buffer and only about 12 tracks, most of which are already frozen. How is that even possible? I suppose it goes back to Mojave not being officially supported least I hope that is what it is. Pro Tools is barely using my 10 cores, when I inexplicably max out. For me this highlights the urgency for PTs 2019 to finally come out and address these glaring issues.
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