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Default Re: Eleven Rack direct monitoring always on

Hello Guys,

It's been hot here lately, far too hot to use the computer during the day, and didn't want to to use the computer with Pro Tools at night. But I needed to see what was happening. Anyway, I had a couple of ear blowouts when I wasn't ready with some changes I had made, but, no one heard over the top of air conditioners and fans.

So, I loaded up Pro Tools had that awful doubling sound Benoni was talking about in his last post. Turned the low latency on/off, but, the 11R sound was coming through as well as the BIAS sound on the armed track. I can't stop it. Twice now for reasons I can't fathom it wasn't there, but, every other time it is.

The only thing I can think of to stop it is to make a preset on the 11R that was all banks clear, but, I can't help thinking that the sound will be coloured by the 11R and not really getting the full Bias amp/FX experience. Any thought on that? Anything else that I might try that will stop the 11R coming through?

It's 1:00 in the AM and I've broken out in a sweat, luckily I have a bottle of ice water with me to stop having a complete mind meltdown.

Thanks and Regards.
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