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Default Re: Occasional headphone out problems with Mbox 3 Pro

Originally Posted by bedfordstop View Post
i kind of want to do a fresh reinstall of my OS and PT 9 at some point to see if i can shake the gremlins out.
I also played around with my output routing, and it hasn't changed anything. I also did a fresh install of OSX last night and still no luck.

I've played around in 4 different sessions today, and the only one to have the headphones working properly was the first session after the install. I have now gone from having the occasional cut out, to having static in everything I listen to through my headphones. This is so frustrating. I've had this thing for only 5 days and approximately 90% of the time I've used it, I've have this issue.

Is it worth waiting for Avid to do something about? I'm really ready to just box it up and take back and go for Saffire Pro 40 or something.
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