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Default Re: Question about Mac Pro Specs

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
Did you take the lids off the new processors or leave them on?
I actually had the work done by a company in Florida (you can easily find them on ebay), but the processor lids went back on and are the same ones that were originally on the machine. The only difference besides the actual huge performance boost is that when I click to see my system specs it now says 2-3.46gHz processors where it used to say 2-2.4gHz processors.
Originally Posted by The Egg: Be a Pro and stop being a Tool!

Mac Pro (5,1) 12-core Westmere 3.46gHz
OSX Sierra (10.12.6)
980Gb OWC Mercury Extreme Pro SSD system drive
(3) 1Tb 7200rpm audio hard drives
64Gb RAM
Sapphire HD 7950 Mac Edition Video Card
1 Avid HDX Card
Avid HD Omni, 3 Avid HD I/Os
PT HDX 12.8.0
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