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Default Question about Mac Pro Specs

I'm looking at getting a refurbished Mac Pro to replace my current iMac, but I'm still trying to understand what I'm looking at to optimize the specs.

Looking over some other threads, I've seen more people leaning towards Number of Cores > Faster CPU, but I would appreciate a second opinion for what I'm looking at with machines in my price range.

One option is 6 Cores, 3.46Ghz. The other is 12 Cores, 2.93Ghz.

I really like that I could get double the cores for the same price on the second machine, but don't know if it that would benefit my ProTools experience at all. I'm typically working as an editor, and do almost no live recording, but need to run a lot of plugins (iZotope RX5, Waves.) Faster bounce times would be a plus.

Any thoughts would be appreciated! Thanks!
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