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Default Re: New Computer time! - Mac Pro 2009 vs Mac Mini pros and cons..

First thing to keep in mid is that you're going backwards in terms of cpu power. While quite capable you won't have the same capability as a newer chip.

Next is Thunderbolt or the lack thereof. While someone is working on a way to get a MacPro cheesegrater to work with a Thunderbolt expansion card it's not an easy proposition. First you have to boot into Windows, load some drivers and then boot into OSX. Phooey on that.

If you do go to an older MacPro cheesegrater I'd suggest getting a 2010/2012 model and not the 2009 one. Next get an ssd, put it on a pcie card and use that as your system drive. It'll be a happier existence doing that. Some people here would push for going to a nvme type drive but it's not really necessary. The current system I'm working on is a 2012 MacPro with 3.46 GHz hex core cpu, 48 gig ram and 1 TB Samsung 850 EVO ssd on a pcie card for my boot drive. Two 4 TB WD Black 7200 rpm spinners in the drive bays - one for samples and one for sessions. I used to run it via VEPro 6 with my now-dead 27 inch iMac but find it plenty capable standalone.

As to your other problem I'm not convinced the computer is the problem. I still think there's something else going on. Strip it down to basics - just the one computer with no internet connected and nothing else running. See how that works.

Almost forgot - if you plan on running Mojave you're going to need a Metal-compatible video card. Stock cards in those models don't support it. Also if you plan on running the new Massive that NI has now delayed until June the cpu's in those old machines won't run it. You need a machine that has a cpu that has AVX support. See the thread around here that talks about the new NI Massive for words about that.
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