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Default Avid customer service is ridiculous!

Avid customer service is simply horrendous!!!

Whenever an issue comes up, getting it resolved is a real challenge. Avid has been double-charging me since November: I renewed my subscription, paid a whole year up front, but realized last month that they are also charging me a monthly fee. Now trying to get them to refund... A week or so after I emailed them (since you cannot call them!), I had a reply from Jane at Avid stating: "I am now on the process of cancelling it, and I will get in touch with you once I completed it."
This was the 10th of January. Nothing since. Sent another email on the 17th asking for an update. No answer.

A matter like this would be resolved instantly if dealt with ANY COMPANY, specially in this field.
Avid is a joke! Their customer service is a joke! The only reason I stick with them, is that I have NO CHOICE: my job requires me to use it.
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