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Default Do you need a FREE drummer?

I need some songs without drums to practice with...This is to your advantage if you want as I can record drums to you for free. If you wish you can let me do what I do or you can tell me what you are looking for. I play a lot of rock and progressive rock stuff. I am open to most anything. I really don't do any jazz sorry. Email me at and I can work with you. I play guitar and drums and I just like the sound and feel of a real drummer vs. drum machines. I do my own drumming for my stuff and thought for practice sake I could offer my services to anyone else. If you can provide me with a click track that would be great. If you don't like my stuff no problem...if you want me to change a few things with what I do with your stuff just let me know.

You can email me at


Len Bosh
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