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Default ProTools 2019.6 HDX Recording freezes but System and Software stay responsive

Hey There,

we have a weird issue on the studio-computer since the 2019.6 Update.
Recording 1 Mono Track on 44k, 24Bit. Spoken Word.
Inbetween 8 to 45 Minutes the track freezes, but the meter, the program and the system stays responsive.
If you click in the track and hit stop the recording switches from red to normal and you can go on recording.
No Error message, nothing.
Rolling back to 2018.12 produced the same "error" without error message.
The recorded audio stops around 1-2 secs before file end.

Never experienced something like that in 20 AE-years ... ???

See attached video around 9 Minutes.

Win10 (1809)
HDX Card & HDOmni (latest Firmware)

Playback Engine: HDX
H/W Buffer Size: 64 Samples
Host Engine:
ENABLED - Ignore Errors During Playback/Record
DISABLED - Minimize Additional I/O Latency
DISABLED - Dynamic Plug-in Processing
Video Engine: DISABLED
Disk Playback Cache Size: NORMAL
GPU is a MSI Radeon RX 570 (latest driver)

System is built on two RAID1 arrays with Intel RST:
2x Samsung 850 Evo 2.5 (System)
2x Seagate BarraCuda 2TB (Recording and Projects)

Support is contacted, but additional input would be welcome ...
System report and Dlog file will be uploaded tmrw.

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