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Default Re: Repurposing old Eleven Rack

My Eleven Rack still sound amazing, new technology or not. I used mine all the time direct to FOH.

Instead of going poweramp+cab why not simply going with a Tech21 Power Engine Deuce or Laney LFR112? Line6 Powercab might be a good option if you need IR. I have an EV ZLX12P powered PA speaker and really like it.

As for midi pedal, I'm using a Tech21 Mongoose (small, light, 9v battery or 9vdc, 2x expression pedal input) with an expression pedal (an old Cry Baby I mod) connected to Mongoose, and a small 2-switch connected to 11R for on/off of delay and mod. Simple, not expensive and works perfectly (no need to have a real pedalboard and have everything velcroed).
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