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Default Re: Repurposing old Eleven Rack

Originally Posted by nedorama View Post
I bought my Eleven Rack as a way to play at night through headphones and not turn on my amps or fire up Pro Tools. I haven't played the Helix, but I've been happy with my Eleven, and running my pedalboard in front of it has been even better as well as tweaking the presets.

Not sure which Dr. Z amps you have; I have the MAZ 18 Jr. head and a 1x12 as well as some Fenders; may be worthwhile trying using your amps set as clean as possible first before getting into power amps and new cabs. Yes, sound will be different, but a lot less expensive to test out.

Otherwise, why not sell it and use the funds to get a new pedal, or send your amp back to Dr. Z for updating (will be doing that with mine). You won't get a lot, but it's given you years of service. I try to sell stuff that hasn't been used in my studio or with our band after 2 years...

Thanks Ned, the Maz 18 is a wonderful amp! I have the Maz 38 SR NR with a Z-Best 2x12. I also have a 1x12 Dr.Z Carmen Ghia.

I hear what you are saying... I normally sell stuff too... Just sad that the market on the Eleven has tanked down to nothing... And it does sound great.. But perhaps you are right. i bet in another 10 years folks will be looking for one, just like Marshall jmp1's... LOL.
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