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Default Repurposing old Eleven Rack

I have an Eleven Rack connected to my ProTools rig. I've had it since it came out and made sure I update FW through the years. It's been used mainly in recording projects (no re-amping) and the results have been stellar.

I'm not doing much recording and if I did I'd use the HX Stomp. Given the product is old (by technology standards) I'd like to find some use for it because it's still very relevant, IMO the Eleven is still sounding great.

I do not like having to power up ProTools, and play through an armed track and studio monitors to just jam on a guitar, much can be said for my HX Stomp as well.

I was thinking of selling the Eleven, but at street prices around $150.00 (top dollar) I might as well keep it and repurpose it into a stereo jamming rig, with foot controls.

If I really wanted "amp in the room" I have two Dr. Z amps... but man, those sound great, but usually need to crank them. I like the idea of the modelers for low volume, but great sounding, plus stereo effects.

My options:

A: Get a d-class power amp (maybe Seymour powerstage 700), midi controller and expression pedal and 2x12 stereo cab.

B. Get the Line 6 Power Cab 2x12 Plus, midi controller and expression pedal. If I go this route, I can use my HX Stomp as well, (obviously I could use it for option A too... but easier for option b).

For my HX Stomp I have a Mission Engineering Helix Exp Pedal and Morningstar MC6 mkII which are pretty easy to program.

For control, is the Mornigstar a good choice? I know ME makes an expression pedal for the Eleven.

I'm leaning towards option B but want to tie up if a MC6 will control the Eleven?

I'm open to all thoughts and opinions... Otherwise, If I don't find a use for this tool, it's just going to sit in the rack and collect dust.
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