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Default Re: Control Surface v. Mouse and Keyboard

I started my career on a huge Harrison MPC console. When I went freelancing using mostly my own setup I worked exclusively with keyboard and mouse.
Over the years I went through several controllers, right now I have a C24 and an S3+Dock at my two workstations.
I still do most of my work with mouse and keyboard. The surfaces are mostly used in recording sessions for soloing, muting and adjusting levels for me and the talent. Or when I'm in the last mixing stages to ride VCAs for final adjustments.

My 2 cents - if you're not missing anything in your day to day, you probably won't need nor use a control surface. The learning curve is steep and old habits die (or are replaced) hard. They sure can be handy if you dedicate yourself to learning how to use them, but why would you do that, if there's no compelling reason?
You don't seem to mind working with keyboard and mouse, and neither you should. Nothing wrong with not using a controller if you're comfortable.

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