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Default Re: Control Surface v. Mouse and Keyboard


I would agree that once production has gotten to the final balancing of track levels, having hands on faders is the ideal way to mix. However, having read thru the manuals for the S1 / S3 / C|24, all editing, inserting, routing, etc. seems clumsier than point and click.( Although the C|24 seems to have less levels to work thru to accomplish a task).

The problem I'm having with the newest generation of control surfaces is that in the pursuit of a smaller footprint commands that appear to take just one or two button clicks now require navigating thru several layers to get to the end result. In that light, the C|24 is starting to look pretty good to me.

I do play piano, guitar, drums, and a long time ago saxophone, and yes I do not feel I can play those instruments competently virtually.

Thanks for your comments. I'm enjoying this discussion.
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