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Default Re: Control Surface v. Mouse and Keyboard

Originally Posted by Ellis Beckwith View Post

Are they really more convenient / faster then the mouse / keyboard or are some folks just not comfortable with the mouse?
Ellis, do you play piano or guitar, or any musical instrument? If so, would you rather play the real thing or a virtual version of that instrument? Ever try to play Bach on a virtual piano? You canít, not with any feel anyway an youíll be missing notes everywhere.

Well, the same holds true for consoles and faders. Tactile surfaces allow you to feel the sound. Also, last I checked I have 10 fingers. That means I can adjust comfortably 8 independent faders at once. (Thumbs donĒt count since mine arenít long enough to reach comfortably). Try doing that with a mouse.

If you want to learn to play, you need to have the instrument.
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