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Default Re: Control Surface v. Mouse and Keyboard

This is the way I'm approaching the question.

Take for instance a simple task like adding a plugin to a slot. I read the S3 user guide, and to do this takes 7 steps:

Select track
Press encoder
Press config switch
Press channel control encoder for chosen slot
Press channel control encoder under plugin
Press channel control encoder under plugin type
Press channel control encoder under desired plugin

With a mouse it takes 3 steps:

click insert slot in track
Click on plugin type in list
click on plugin

I realize that many complicated tasks can require moving and clicking around with the mouse, and that they can be incorporated in to one soft key on the Control app, but fortunately my workflow doesn't require many complex operations.

I didn't grow up on a large format console like many here have. and having used the mouse and keyboard for computer operation for more than 3 decades, the mouse is as comfortable in my right hand as the steering wheel on my car is. I get where folks are coming from - if cars suddenly started being controlled solely by playstation controllers, I'd want a wheel controller to feel comfortable.

Just seeking a compelling reason to sped $$$$ to accomplish tasks I already have the equipment to do.
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