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Default Re: Control Surface v. Mouse and Keyboard

Originally Posted by Ellis Beckwith View Post
... are they really more convenient / faster then the mouse / keyboard or are some folks just not comfortable with the mouse?
Obviously, I can only comment on my own experience, but having 8 faders + a master fader (Dock + S1), along w/Control app, and well thought out mapping of h/w soft keys & touch screen soft keys, Iím working much faster than I was w/ only kybd/mouse. Just the addition of the Dock & Ctrl app was a serious speed boost once Iíd mapped out my key workflows/shortcuts to the surface.

Iím comfortable w/shortcuts & mouse use, but feel that my current workflow feels quite a bit more natural. But Iím an old guy w/ analog console roots. And, it did take me a good month of being painfully inefficient before things started to come together.

Iíd echo what Lynne said: in the end itís about how you want your work to get done.
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