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Default Re: Pro Tools missing V9 plugins from Waves after updating Waves Central

Originally Posted by williamg View Post
How exactly do I keep a working clone of my system on an external hard drive?

Also, I used Waves Central to uninstall everything and then reinstall it to no avail. Should I try and do it manually? How would I do that?
I already mentioned how to keep a working clone on an external drive - you use Carbon Copy Cloner to do the job. Much better than using Time Machine. And don't leave the external drive powered on unless you're actually making the clone. CCC can be set to do timed backups if you want that. Set up a regular time to do the backup. I do mine at least once a week on a Friday or Saturday.

I also mentioned to remove EVERYTHING Waves-related and then reinstall with the offline installer from Waves as current Waves Central versions won't install W9 plugins.
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