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Default Re: Tracking & Latency

Originally Posted by mlemos View Post
Hi. I don't know if this relates to your problem at all, especially since i'm on PT vanilla, but after troubleshooting latency/compensation issues in PT for literally the last couple of years I figured out that having ANY plugins on my master completely screws up delay compensation. And I always have plugins on my master.
Please think carefully about this. it should be obvious this can't work for actual compensation.... and I'm pretty sure it's covered in Pro Tools documentation. But besides not being able to compensate for latency on the master what do you actually mean more... say do you see a zero latency plugin added to the master somehow mess up ADC... and mess it up how?

No DAW can possibly compensate for latency added on an output/master track. ADC works by adding latency to some paths to make them all line up. Anything adding latency to the master is adding latency to everything, there is nowhere else for Pro tools to add latency that would "fix" this. A time travel plugin on the master output would help, but nobody seems to have done that yet... when somebody manages to I expect it will be a really expensive plugin