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Default Re: 1 interface, 1 hard drive, only ONE firewire interface?

I have a single FireWire port on both my iMac and Gateway laptop and have discovered stable connections for both a drive and M-Audio ProFire 2626 interface. It does take some experimentation to find a stable connection order and it may not be the same on all computers.

On the iMac, I connect the FW800 port to a FW800 drive (OWC Mercury Elite-AL Pro) (Oxford 924 chipset) via FW800 (9-pin) cable, then on to the ProFire via FW400 (6-pin) cable. I get 800 Mb/s speeds to the drive this way. (Connecting to the interface first did not provide a stable connection.)

The PC has a 4-pin FW400 port. A stable connection required connecting to the ProFire interface first, then on to the drive via 6-pin ports on both devices. (Connecting to the drive first (via 4-pin to 9-pin cable) would not provide a stable disk or interface connection.)

Others have reported other connection schemes necessary to provide stable connections.
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