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Default Re: How do I set up session to record to 2 of 4 drives

You might also want to make sure that files already existing are in the drives you intended. You can just move them in Windows Explorer before opening the session, (the Protools session might then ask you to search for them), or if already a mess, might be quicker to do a 'save session copy in' to one of your audio drives, and then just delete the old files and session folder.

PS - I just read your other question. Just move (or copy) the whole folder from the internal drive to a 1394 drive, open the session there, set the drive allocation to round robin if you need to (you probably don't, people are reporting getting 40 or more tracks on a single drive - nikkiK reports 192 tracks on one drive- so why bother?), and you're all set.

When you create a session, do it on the drive you want the files on - one of the 1394 dirves - to begin with. This will avoid the problem you found. PS - there's nothing wrong with using the non-system internal drive for a session that doesn't require a second drive (even system drives work, though they're not recommended).
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