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Default Re: Pro Tools Sound Quality???


You don't think it's time to replace the old 24 bit TDM buss with a newer 64 bit TDM buss with your next major hardware upgrade? This would certainly take care of the problem.

As to the blind test -- I doubt that any results you garner from a blind test performed under varying conditions by varying users of whom we know nothing about their qualifications, will give any valid results. You may want to do what they did with the watermarking technology -- Warner Bros. held A-B-X listening tests at different areas of the US with professionals in the audio field including members of MPGA (Ed Cherney, Massenberg, etc) and mastering engineers (Doug Sax, Bob Ludwig, bernie Grundman) -- and based upon those results they could make a qualified assessment.

I also think another valid test would be to perform these tests in a professional recording studio where you can A-B between a full mix where the outputs of Pro Tools are taken individually out of Pro Tools into faders on an SSL 9k and summed using the 9k's summing buss vs. the stereo mix summed inside Pro Tools.

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