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Default Re: Artist Mix failing to connect 9/10

Originally Posted by noiseboyuk View Post
Actually I'm Windows. As a next step, I'm trying disabling it from Task Manager startup, and putting it in the Windows StartUp folder instead, which I understand loads later than all the Task Manager processs.

If EuControl can't be tweaked to resolve this, how about adding a network reset button in the software?
If you want a delayed start, use Windows "task scheduler"
You can set the trigger to be when you login and then you can set any delay time you want.

Don't use the Startup folder for this. Task scheduler is the right way.

BTW, Task Manager just shows everything that will start. It's an aggregate list and will include anything you add to the startup folder or task scheduler (there are actually four different places you can set startup tasks -- 2 more places in the registry). It isn't the one responsible for the actual startup. It is just telling you what will startup from these four places. Each of these places is triggered at a different time in the boot sequence.
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