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Default Re: Are we not due an update??!!

Originally Posted by foxes View Post
An update is got to be due this month, that’s what we’re paying for!
Says who?

AFAIK, they have been trying to release what became 2019.5 two times before; initially as 2019.1 then 2019.3 but due to HDX problems postponed to 2019.5 and then fixed in 2019.6 so as far as I read this they are still trying to resolve the voice update issue with HDX cards and once it's done they release the next one.

They have three options here:
a) release the HDX voice update once they know cards will be okay after the update
b) release the HDX voice update and accept certain number of cards will have to be replaced
c) abandon the HDX voice update altogether

I bet it isn't an easy task to figure why some cards fail with the update and most work okay. But that I can say anyone using HDX card(s) has been waiting for this and this alone, so don't be very disappointed if your favourite missing feature is not included in the next release.

2019.5 was huge for all non-HDX users, maybe it is time HDX users get their update next?
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