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Default Pro Tools 10HD - Switched hardware, now it won't start

I'm running the latest v 10 (10.3.19HD Win 7 Pro 64 bit, HD3 Accel), and it was good on the HD hardware. I switched to the Realtek sound card in the playback engine because I am doing some screen capture stuff and I want to capture the internal audio, and now Pro Tools won't start.

It loads right up until DAE, then gives the message "Pro Tools hardware is either not installed or used by another program." No other applications are running, and the soundcard is installed. Then it closes with no option to change soundcards! I can't seem to get past this and get to work.

I deleted the prefs folder, restarted, and I still can't get in. How do I get it to look at my HD hardware again so I can get back to work? Is there a shortcut during load or something? Thanks.
Check your mix in mono.
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