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Default Revised Pricing for CPTK to PT HD Upgrades

Originally Posted by john1192 View Post
too many posts to go back ... i see it now .. DONE AND DONE .. awesome ..

now go get some work done will ya ..

cheers john
Just set your forum controls to take you to "First Unread" and you'll never miss a post, bro. And my status w/Avid was also in a post where I was responding to "you" about a other Issues... Ignoring me now? [emoji23][emoji6]

Yes, I'm a happy camper. Avid did the right thing by me. Goes a long way with me in keeping me faithful! Yes! Back to work! I have trim automation and input monitoring again.. Only cost me $599 (to get something back I already owned).. (something that's free with every other DAW on the market... [emoji19])... Well it is what it is! I'm gonna stay on the high ground here. Avid products have helped me make a living at this. Sometimes that just costs some more $.
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