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Default Re: Pro Tools 8 Problem All tracks are selected for everything in edit window.

DONNX is not a dummy. PT 8 is complete piece of garbage and I have been using PT since 3 so i think i am pretty qualified to say that as an expert. If you accidentally hit a keyboard shortcut and don't realize it it turns things on all the time. And that is easy to do you may hit a key combo for what you think is an app in foreground and then realize it was PT, so when you go back to PT it exhibits some strange behavior because you didn't realize you hit a key shortcut to activate some function. I would rather have a warning window pop up each time to let me know that.

Then you spend the next 30 minutes trying to figure what you did. I certainly hope they fixed it in later versions. But I never saw so many layers of garbage added to software. There should have been a master override in prefs for those of us who just need to edit and mix to turn features on and off.
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