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Default Avid Media Drives - SCSI to USB, Plus Drive Servicing

Is anyone aware as to whether the 'Avid / Digidesign Media Drive' (SCSI) will work using an 'Iomega Jaz Traveller' - (SCSI to Parallel converter), connected to a USB port via an appropriate adapter cable.

Obviously the speed wont be up to much, but for the purpose of file recovery, does anyone know if this would be successful, without damaging the ports on either the host machine (iMac) or the media drive, also I'd prefer not to pay $100 or so, on eBay for a SCSI to USB adapter.

In addition, does anyone know of a service manual, so I can figure out where all the casing screws are located, enabling me to open the unit for a needed clean. I dont want to loosen any unnecessary screw's damaging internal parts, or alternativly miss any and damage the casing.

Thank you any views appreciated...
Mix Design
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