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I recently purchased an SAB choir arrangement of "Home," arranged by Alan Billingsley. It was VERY difficult to find in the Scorch store. I tried entering "Home" into the search bar, but had to scroll through 14 pages of titles, including every song that contained the word "home" in it (Sweet Home Alabama, Take Me Home Country Roads, There's No Place Like Home, etc...), before finally coming to the very last song (out of 1054!), and there it was... this process took me 10 to 15 minutes. It seems logical to me that either a: exact matches should come first, or b: the songs should be listed alphabetically (or perhaps both). Then, either a page number list or an alphabet list should allow the user to jump over pages.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the store, and then come back to it later to order the song, and once again, the only way I could find that exact arrangement of that exact song, was to scroll through all 14 pages, 1054 songs again! I would appreciate the search features of the store to be improved. Thanks!

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