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Default Re: AVID Must DO Something for AAX DSP

Originally Posted by A1 View Post
We will buy 6 HDX Systems + the new interfaces… the moment Waves and SoundToys light “Green Light” as to the development of HDX DSP…
And there are many others who I’m sure will do the same… this is a major loose-loose scenario for AVID and DSP PI developers.

AVID is bleeding... and they must and should engage in an "active communication" with these major PI developers to make this happen...
So Avid will go to Waves and say - Hey Guys, we're in financial trouble and suffering an identity crisis. We need you to make AAX DSP versions of your plugs.-

I think Waves is hanging on the side lines waiting to see if the Avid audio divisions gets sold off.

Just my 2 cents.
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