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Default Re: does Alpha-link Madi works with PT9?

For Dan and anybody else listening, be advised that WIN7 x64 is quirky about program launching in many instances unless you are system administrator. This applies to loading new apps on the system, modifying apps, and even launching apps after they have been authorized, or dongled, or whatever. I have discovered under this new WIN 7 technology that you should always log on as administrator, and set up all your apps to run as administrator. Right mouse and select ADMIN for all apps and that way you will have access to all system resources at whatever levels required to run at max efficiency. Microsoft kind of set the OS up like military intelligence. Levels of security clearance, clearance caveats, and all that other happy horse pucky we all so loved so much when on active duty days gone by.

Now then, I am in the same quandary as many who want to buy into PT9 Native and marry it with SSL MADI X-Logic running 24 channels @ 24/96. I was never happy with the MADI-AX + Xtreme 64 or 128 option even though as bundles are cheaper than the RME HDSPe + MADI AX option. Of course RME drivers are the bomb. UFX USB2.0, FF800, FF400, and all of their legacy hardware and associated software for the past 4-5 years is a living testament to those fine German engineers who actually have a clue in this proprietary clueless industry. However, with AVID/DIGI's delve into the Native world, I am more inclined toward the Avid MADI-HD PCIe card in conjunction with SSL MADI AX.

My thinking is that if I were to run two MADI AX's for a 48 channel count @24/96 I would have better latency turnaround fortune with the AVID Madi Card since everybody on the planet in every forum on the planet knows that Digidesign has always created hardware and software platforms to work within their own proprietary architecture digisphere if you will. A good thing for them and their sales but a bad thing for the rest of us who have shunned HD3+TDM+ICON+ $150KUSD expenditures on digital insanity. Great stuff, great workflow, but at the end of the day its like owning a $200,000 Maserati that goes 0-200mph in 6 seconds but alas nowhere to drive it in 65mph zones. Yup, I'd like to have a 24 inch shlong too but alas to do what with it on this planet?

Anyway, enough rant, my problem is that the new AVID HDMADI card is only good for 32 channel streams @24/96. RME HDSPe can handle two SSL MADI AXs easily w/o blinking an eye but PT9 from a previous poster doesn't like the dual streams. SSL is working on it, but of course they are brilliant British engineers with a pedigree and they'll solve it. But until then if I go the AVID route I will need 2x AVID MADI HD cards and there is no documentation anywhere that these can be run together as a doable solution. I called Sweetwater this evening with my concern as I have been struggling with configuring this new system for weeks on end now, but they can only give me the company line of what they have been taught by the MFG and nobody has really tested PT9 eclectic setups with diff MFG PCIe cards in 'hybrid architectures' scenarios to say otherwise other than the proverbial it should work

But then two AVID MADIHD cards will run around $10 grand. That's quite a leap from $1599.00 for an RME HDSPe PCIe card. This is insanity at its zenith to buy into a proprietary architecture that on its face wants to invite the whole world to the 'Protools9 Native' party, and yet the invisible electric dog fence boundary is still firmly in place LOL, moreover, nobody even knows if AVID HD-MADI works at all. Does AVID really know if it works? Digi has never been a MADI focused company as RME has clearly set the standard here. There's a track record there folks.

So if anybody out there configured different hybrid configurations @24/96 at high channel counts on WIN7 x64, please let the cat out of the bag and let us know what course of action to pursue as doable with which PCIe card that will work. And Im not talking about a ping or a 1khz signal to tape for a three second burst then multing it to 24 channels and reading the sample delay. How about some substantive 5-6 minute 24+ tracks of wav audio in realstream roundtrip @24/96 sample readings

I have read all the Apogee and Lynx Aurora threads at gearslutz on config workarounds for AES and PT8 and 9 , but I abandoned AES quite some time ago as MADI is a higher efficiency medium for higher resolution and channel count streams in real time.

The long term solution might be Focusrite IP/CAT6 REDNET but that will not become visible to anybody until the end of Summer according to Sweetwater and the timeframe after that to work out all the bugs is who knows. My grandkids might all be grown up and married by then huh? Its a freaking digital nightmare as usual. I need more proof that this is going to work before I abandon all else and dive into ProTools that Ive been avoiding for so many years now. Well, be well all

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