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Default Re: PT 9.0.2 - WHAT on earth Happened here AVID!!!

Originally Posted by Marsdy View Post
I'm not clear on this either.

The current PT HD Driver seems to be v9.0 dated 25/10/10

Also, the PDF on the HD Driver download page...
says for Pro Tools HD and HD Native systems, the Pro Tools installer installs the necessary files automatically.

I don't get this. If the PT Installer installs everything automatically, why is there a separate HD Driver installer? I don't remember using the Driver installer when I did a first time install of PT9.
Pro Tools installs the HD drivers automatically. All other devices require that the driver be installed separately.

The HD driver is also available separately for those that want to use HD via Core Audio, but don't have Pro Tools installed or in situations where a driver install looks corrupted and they need to reinstall the driver, but don't have their Pro Tools installer handy.
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