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Default PT 9.0.2 - WHAT on earth Happened here AVID!!!

I have been through hell and back since installing this version.

Everything is so erratic I cant even believe it.

I have NOT yet installed this version on my main HD RIG: SO I use the HD version on my Home Mac. A Nehalem dual 8 core 2.66 GHZ.

9.0.2 --- Is constantly conflicting with Core Audio. When PT is running randomly I cannot launch any other apps. Their dock icon is just sitting there bouncing in the dock. Then I try opening Apple AUdio Midi Manager and that will just spin around. Then I quit PT and every thing is fine.

Now I am double clicking in a region in the region list because I want to rename it... The dialog opens but it is NOT susceptible to keyboard input.
It is not the keyboard because when I close the dialog I can use the keyboard to play and stop.

Other times I hit Playback in Protools and then I get a crash report from OS X saying that System Preferences has unexpectedly quit. IT WASN'T open in the first place...
This is really erratic.

I have a backup of 9.0.1 and that does NOT exhibit this erratic behavior along side with the not being able to rename my regions and audio files.

This is buggies PT release I have witnessed in my 6 years of using PT-
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