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Default fruity loops in pro tools question...not regular rewire question

i am very used to using the sequencer in fruity....i particularly do not like the midi sequencing in pro tools...
is there a way that i can sequence my notes in fruity and have it trigger synths in pro tools....but i do not wanna rewire pro tools in fruity..i want to rewire fruity in pro tools..
the same way i can send midi event data into pro tools from fruity...can i send piano roll data ? basically use the fruity sequencer to trigger synths/ instruments in pro tools ?

i tried opening a midi channel in protools...
a midi out channel in fruity
an instrument channel in pro tools with expand instrument in the insert

then in the input of protools midi channel set FL midi out 1 as the device
and the output as an instrument channel in protools that i inserted an instrument, expand .
i sequenced a few notes in fruity midi out channel...

it did not work...

any idea how to do it?
use fruity piano roll to trigger protools instruments...

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